Meaning of Lorentz contraction in English:

Lorentz contraction


another term for FitzGerald contraction
‘George FitzGerald was a brilliant mathematical physicist who today is known by most scientists as one of the proposers of the FitzGerald - Lorentz contraction in the theory of relativity.’
  • ‘If this is correct, then presumably the combination of Newtonian mechanics with the Lorentz contraction would yield predictions in circumstances in which special relativity would remain mute.’
  • ‘The paper discusses the problem of the Lorentz contraction in accelerated systems, in the context of the special theory of relativity.’
  • ‘Would the radius of such a window contract in line with the same equations of Lorentz contraction?’
  • ‘The Lorentz contraction was real, whereas the Einstein contraction was relative.’