Meaning of Lorenz attractor in English:

Lorenz attractor


  • A strange attractor in the form of a two-lobed figure formed by a trajectory which spirals around the two lobes, passing randomly between them.

    ‘Then she could choose a second starting point only slightly different from the first to produce a new ‘trajectory ‘, or sequence of points, making up the Lorenz attractor.’’
    • ‘The Lorenz attractor (as it is called today) turned out to be a prototype for chaos in other dynamical systems.’
    • ‘As with other chaotic systems, the Lorenz attractor is very sensitive to these initial conditions.’
    • ‘The Lorenz attractor is a set of differential equations which are popular in the field of Chaos.’
    • ‘The attractors, known as Lorenz attractors, split the stress of the motion in two directions.’


1970s named after Edward N. Lorenz (1917–2008), American meteorologist.