Meaning of lorry in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɒri/

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nounplural noun lorries

  • A large, heavy motor vehicle for transporting goods or troops; a truck.

    as modifier ‘a lorry driver’
    • ‘And he believes drivers of heavy lorries will avoid the new road because he says it will have to be built on a steep incline.’
    • ‘As well as cars, there are frequent buses, heavy lorries and a lot of farm traffic.’
    • ‘They say heavy lorries and cars are travelling too fast along the road, which is very narrow in parts.’
    • ‘For health and safety reasons it needs to be put in containers rather than sacks, and it needs different lorries to transport it.’
    • ‘At first we thought the road was being shaken by a heavy lorry, but then my uncle said it was an earthquake.’
    • ‘A long-awaited ban on heavy lorries using the notorious stretch of highway was finally announced last year.’
    • ‘Because of the many industrial companies based in the road, its traffic also includes large numbers of heavy lorries.’
    • ‘The move will put another 500 heavy lorries onto Britain's roads each week.’
    • ‘The incident occurred when an articulated lorry collided with the back of a blue Volvo estate.’
    • ‘The name is painted on white articulated lorries parked across a massive expanse of yard.’
    • ‘Never, NEVER, overtake a gritting lorry.’
    • ‘With the coaches and heavy lorries off the roads the congestion on our highways would be greatly reduced.’
    • ‘There are 20 tonne lorries coming at speed through the village, where there is a junior school.’
    • ‘The village was being covered with dust from the 30-ton lorries thundering through it from the nearby quarry.’
    • ‘An accident involving a lorry carrying radioactive waste closed a major Scottish road for hours yesterday.’
    • ‘The gravel lorry swerved off the road after the impact but remained upright.’
    • ‘A big lorry smashed into the back of the taxi.’
    • ‘He said a Finnish lorry hit the bridge last month and called for the height to be displayed in metres.’
    • ‘When the collection lorry arrives a crane picks up the bins and empties them into the relevant compartments.’
    • ‘He was following a lorry which was travelling at about 45 mph.’


    fall off the back of a lorry
    • (of goods) be acquired in dubious circumstances.

      • ‘he sells cheap computer games that have fallen off the back of a lorry’
      • ‘Keep an eye out for pickpockets and remember that many of the things for sale 'fell off the back of a lorry'.’
      • ‘"But it's not like stuffing a few pairs of jeans in your bag or a TV falling off the back of a lorry. This bread is keeping us alive."’
      • ‘When I was a kid my neighbour was always selling things that seemed to have "fallen off the back of a lorry".’


Mid 19th century perhaps from the given name Laurie.