Meaning of lose count in English:

lose count


  • Forget how many of something there are, especially because the number is so high.

    ‘I've lost count of the hundreds of miles I've covered’
    • ‘Since then, he has traveled to Cuba so many times he says he has lost count.’
    • ‘Over the years, I have lost count of the schemes put out by the council to control the traffic on the A3 Robin Hood roundabout.’
    • ‘I've lost count of the restaurants he's opened, and I must say, most of them do him credit.’
    • ‘We only took back roads and my brother lost count of the numerous golf courses that dotted the landscape.’
    • ‘Teachers have almost lost count of how many times the school has been targeted but say the latest raid is at least the ninth in just 18 months.’
    • ‘She has lost count of the complaints she has sent, but has never received anything but a standard reply, without even a signature at the end.’
    • ‘Today the artist has lost count of the number of exhibitions he has participated in since those difficult days.’
    • ‘I have made so many phone calls about this parcel I have lost count.’
    • ‘Since then, he has made more than 30 new works, although he says he has lost count of exactly just how many he has created.’
    • ‘I've lost count of the meetings I have chaired on this issue, and the number of people in the system I have met.’