Meaning of lose height in English:

lose height


  • (of an aircraft) descend to a lower level in flight.

    ‘Despite it being a biplane, I really did need very low power settings and improbably high speeds to make it lose height.’
    • ‘Just one second later, 44 seconds before the collision, the Swiss air traffic controller instructed the Tupolev to lose height as quickly as possible, contrary to the automatic warning he had just received.’
    • ‘Paul made a pass, then circled back round for his landing, as the revs dropped we lost height then glided in for a smooth landing.’
    • ‘The plane lost height very quickly with three stops on the way down.’
    • ‘It was losing height and its engine started to splutter and finally, after catching again, died away.’
    • ‘It was really getting a lot darker now so I cut back to tickover and began to lose height to come in to land.’
    • ‘You begin to lose height very quickly and it is important to take care on this descent.’
    • ‘This would cause the airplane to lose height rapidly at about 3000 feet per minute.’
    • ‘Half an hour later the airplane lost height again and the captain was on the loudspeakers once more: ‘This is your captain speaking.’’
    • ‘If you ease off the power, the plane loses height quite quickly.’