Meaning of lose no time in English:

lose no time


  • Do a specified thing as soon as possible.

    ‘the administration lost no time in trying to regain the initiative’
    • ‘Recently restored to the shadow cabinet, the right-winger has lost no time in pushing the traditionalists' case.’
    • ‘Professor Tribe lost no time in acknowledging the accuracy of Bottum's charge, as reported by the Harvard Crimson.’
    • ‘She lost no time in removing the gag as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘After we took the lead the travelling contingent lost no time in reminding the home fans that next season would no doubt see them sampling the delights of the local hostelries in Burnley.’
    • ‘The authorities lost no time in alerting the people living downstream as at the pace at which the discharge was rising, flash floods could be caused even if the lake remained intact.’
    • ‘And journalists lost no time in predicting an ugly battle ahead.’
    • ‘After a year's training in the U.S. in by-pass surgery, he lost no time in working on developing a substitute that is superior to all other substitutes.’
    • ‘Faced with skyrocketing petroleum prices the government has lost no time in adjusting the prices of gasoline, diesel and cooking gas upwards.’
    • ‘Mayo, making telling use of their superior fitness, lost no time in giving the scoreboard statistics a satisfying aspect.’
    • ‘According to eyewitnesses, the Secretary was upset on seeing him in the T-shirt and had lost no time in venting his feelings.’
    be quick, hurry up, move quickly, go fast, hasten, make haste, speed, speed up, lose no time, press on, push on, run, dash, rush, hurtle, dart, race, fly, flash, shoot, streak, bolt, bound, blast, charge, chase, career, scurry, scramble, scamper, scuttle, sprint, gallop, go hell for leather, go like lightning