Meaning of lose one's shirt in English:

lose one's shirt


  • Lose all one's possessions.

    • ‘Whether he was hoping for a literal metaphor that expressed very clearly how he had lost his shirt, I cannot say.’
    • ‘Being in technology stocks in this bubble gives you a much higher risk of losing your shirt than if you are not in them.’
    • ‘I could end up just losing my shirt on this whole thing, but these guys are pretty good at what they do.’
    • ‘He tries organizing competing industries, but loses his shirt.’
    • ‘This was before the Indian casinos turned Connecticut into a nice state to drive through and lose your shirt in.’
    • ‘If you don't know how to play, you're going to lose your shirt.’
    • ‘It's curious, though, there was a blue ribbon panel of six experts who said, this will never work, the public will not accept it and you'll lose your shirt.’
    • ‘But the fact is that I like casinos, they're actually fun, and you can play games and not lose your shirt.’
    • ‘These nights always attract a large crowd, and turn out to be most enjoyable, even if you lose your shirt.’
    • ‘When you bet wrong in the former you lose your shirt, when you bet wrong in the latter, lives are lost.’
    • ‘You could lose your shirt on the horses, then cross the road and lose your trousers in the casino.’
    • ‘You can lose your shirt just the same in bonds as you can in equities in bad situations.’
    • ‘I might lose my shirt - but I know he'd pay up with a smile when my queens over eights beat his flush.’
    • ‘When I lost my shirt in a poor investment you were there.’
    • ‘I bought it again a few years later and lost my shirt - and I have owned up to all my stock losses when the bubble burst.’
    • ‘Their brother-in-law lost his shirt on soybeans but that's because he bought it on thin margin.’