Meaning of lose oneself in in English:

lose oneself in


(also be lost in)
  • Be or become deeply absorbed in (something)

    ‘he had been lost in thought’
    • ‘she let the music wash over her, losing herself in its beauty’
    • ‘I would shirk my daily responsibilities, lay in front of the TV for hours, smoking and losing myself in what was on.’
    • ‘When you go to one of those stories, part of what you are doing is trying to lose yourself in something and then you go home and you think about it.’
    • ‘The things that we used to romanticize and use as an escape have come back with a hard edge, as forces to be reckoned with rather than as dreams to lose ourselves in.’
    • ‘Athletics was my refuge, something I could lose myself in.’
    • ‘With a book in hand, I'd dive joyfully into the world being created, absorbing every word into my skin, losing myself in the pages.’
    • ‘He felt as if he'd been doused in a bucket of cold water suddenly, so profound was the shock of being dragged forcibly out of the memory he had lost himself in.’
    • ‘A lone tourist baked in the sun as he lost himself in what must have been an enthralling book.’
    • ‘If there was ever an album worth losing yourself in, this is it.’
    • ‘This album is a dark, tempestuous but highly inviting place that you could quite easily lose yourself in, and there's a real chance that you won't want to return.’
    • ‘But let me tell you, gardening really is one of those activities you can lose yourself in, you don't think of anything but what you're doing.’
    • ‘The deep notes put forth by the pseudo-lute were something you could lose yourself in.’
    • ‘To be honest I wanted something that would be pleasurable, that would fill up my time, that I could lose myself in.’
    • ‘I can go on raving about this film but I just prefer to let you guys watch it and lose yourself in one of the most immersive cinema experiences ever.’
    • ‘If you've ever lost yourself in a book, a film or a piece of music, if you've ever travelled abroad on your own, you'll know about that moment of hesitation when you return to find your old life, seemingly unchanged, waiting to engulf you.’
    • ‘A really quiet and disciplined audience lost themselves in symphonies of Schubert and Mozart.’
    • ‘He says, ‘Once we have lost ourselves in the world the puppets create, we accept the message without even realising that we are learning.’’
    • ‘I lost myself in the wonderful food and conversation.’
    • ‘Later that afternoon, I located the book on the library shelves upstairs, and I lost myself in re-reading the novel.’
    • ‘I sat on my bed for hours on end, with my albums and my pop magazines, and lost myself in music.’
    • ‘He soon lost himself in the dream world of cinema.’
    absorb, engross, occupy, engage, involve, engulf, bury