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lose out

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phrasal verb

  • 1Be deprived of an opportunity; be disadvantaged.

    ‘an opportunity came up and we didn't want to lose out’
    • ‘the children are losing out on regular schooling’
    • ‘Many of these farmers did not have an opportunity to increase numbers and as a result, are losing out on any compensation.’
    • ‘That's a huge dent in our finances and obviously if we have to remain closed, we're losing out on a massive chunk of our income at the same time.’
    • ‘The recent Easter celebrations, which according to the Bulgarian tradition include eating lamb, were a little overshadowed by news that the country is losing out on lamb exports.’
    • ‘Understandably, with farmers facing loss of income through losing out on premiums and sale of lambs, the scheme has evoked a good deal of anger among the sheep farming community.’
    • ‘‘Without milk and eggs, you are losing out on nutrients,’ she says.’
    • ‘They also created fascinating projects that showed how to save cement and other construction materials, without losing out on quality or strength of the structure.’
    • ‘Owners of shops, hotels and business establishments on this street, felt they were losing out on genuine customers who couldn't find space for their vehicles.’
    • ‘It is a huge problem because prisoners who are taking drugs do not take part in the various programmes available to them in the jail and are losing out on that chance.’
    • ‘As a Middle Eastern history student, losing out on learning such a rich language has deeper implications than you may think.’
    • ‘It also argues that the public is now losing out on their return for investment as it is being taken away from them by the government.’
    be unable to take advantage of, fail to benefit from
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  • 2Be unsuccessful; be beaten in competition.

    ‘Benfica lost out again as United became the first English club to win the trophy’
    • ‘they lost out to France in the finals’
    • ‘What do you give the company that had every advantage going and still lost out to smaller, less privileged competitors?’
    • ‘Scotland's rolling glens and scenic lochs have already lost out to eastern Europe and are now losing the battle to attract India's lucrative film industry, movie chiefs have warned.’
    • ‘It is thought that Urbis, which was supposed to pay for itself, has lost out to the Imperial War Museum, the revamped City Art Gallery and the Museum of Science and Industry, which are all free.’
    • ‘‘I really thought that I'd done my stint as leader, but when David lost out to a handful of votes a lot of new councillors were voted in,’ she said.’
    • ‘Scotland may have lost out to Ireland as the location for the filming of Braveheart but Scottish Screen is to hit back in its biggest drive ever to attract Hollywood film-makers to the country.’
    • ‘The Scots lost out to Wales 22-14 in the opening round of the event, but hope for better things in the 2.30 pm kick-off today.’
    • ‘Now we learn that Scotland has lost out to Newcastle over a donation of at least £1m because of this dogged refusal to countenance educational alternatives.’
    • ‘Peers yesterday urged Ministers to step in if the National Railway Museum lost out to a foreign investor in the bidding war for the train.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, a further blow has been dealt to Scottish sailing with the announcement that Edinburgh will not feature in the Volvo Ocean Race having lost out to Rotterdam.’
    • ‘Only two of the ten performers up before the public vote on Saturday night were able to make it through to the final round and Kate was among those who lost out to fellow contestants Mark and Roxanne.’
    • ‘There were runs galore at Rawtenstall where the home side lost out to Werneth after the visitors had plundered 307-6 off the home attack.’
    • ‘Division three leaders Frog lost out to Holgate WMC.’
    • ‘Two unhappy chappies who lost out to female candidates at the last election obtained a finding under employment laws that all-women lists were illegal.’
    • ‘When Celtic lost out to Basle in a Champions League qualifier 14 months ago, it was widely agreed that the side were back-sliding.’
    • ‘In cold and wintry conditions in Kirkwall on Saturday, Orkney's First and Second rugby squads lost out to their visiting opponents.’
    • ‘Plans for the building to replace five temporary classrooms at the school have been on hold since the Council lost out to a higher bidder for the land earlier this year.’
    • ‘In 1980, Denis Healey lost out to Michael Foot, and Labour imploded.’
    • ‘The music industry says it has lost out to free, unauthorised song-sharing websites and the proliferation of CD-copying.’
    • ‘She added that the town also lost out to places such as Moreton and Stow, which have more picturesque architecture and passing tourist traffic.’
    • ‘In the end, he narrowly lost out to Australian double-act Lano & Woodley.’
    be defeated, be beaten, suffer defeat, be the loser, be conquered, be vanquished, be trounced, be worsted, be bested by, get the worst, have the worst, come off second-best, lose out, fail, come to grief, meet one's Waterloo
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