Meaning of lose the plot in English:

lose the plot


informal British
  • Lose one's ability to understand or cope with what is happening.

    • ‘many people believe that he is feeling the strain or has lost the plot’
    • ‘He never had any ambition to make tons of money, he just wanted to produce great ads, and when people couldn't understand his vision he'd totally lose the plot.’
    • ‘Sometimes I really think my parents have lost the plot.’
    • ‘The world around him was an illusion; he had lost the plot.’
    • ‘The manager has lost the plot completely, he's got to go.’
    • ‘Have we as a nation lost the plot as regards law and order?’
    • ‘Then, they'd thought I'd lost the plot when I suggested buying the lease.’
    • ‘Local government spending priorities seem to have lost the plot with the focus moving from the essential to the fashionable.’
    • ‘I looked at him a bit strangely, and wondered if he'd lost the plot.’
    • ‘Always eccentric, he was rumoured to have lost the plot completely.’
    • ‘At this point I lost the plot and started screaming at Abby who awoke in a panic.’