Meaning of losingest in English:


Pronunciation /ˈluːzɪŋɪst/


informal North American
  • Losing more often than others of its kind; least successful.

    • ‘the losingest club in baseball history’
    • ‘But if contraction meant that the players on baseball's losingest team faced the very real danger of being thrown out of their jobs, the home stretch would make last-place fans eager to show up.’
    • ‘Coming from anyone else that statement would be stupid, but from the losingest tribe of losers ever to lose and the all time tribal council record holders, I think he's seen enough to compare.’
    • ‘The problem isn't that the Detroit Tigers are about to become the losingest team in modern major league history.’
    • ‘It's not only the result of rooting for the losingest team in the major leagues (121 out of 122 seasons ending in futility) or the resentment generated by last year's unfulfilled promises.’
    • ‘However, while I was reading the book on the plane yesterday I found this description of his High school football team. ‘[We] had the losingest football team in Arkansas.’’
    • ‘Today, you might want to hit the delete key and just skip reading this, because today, I'm going to write about the losingest franchise in professional sports.’
    • ‘The nine-year-old gelding who has gained notoriety as the losingest Thoroughbred in history, is not really that bad.’
    • ‘There was this wonderful post about being on the losingest sporting team ever, and I suggested that my own experience would top that.’
    • ‘These two may go down as the losingest tag-team champions of all time.’
    • ‘When he arrived in St. Louis, they were the losingest team, and he was called an old man.’
    • ‘At any point in the game, the losingest player is the player with the lowest combined score in all 3 running totals.’
    • ‘Our transatlantic cousins would call them the losingest side in town - 24 all told - but such is the investment in youth and ground, it would be a pity to panic, albeit tempting.’
    • ‘They already are the all-time losingest team - every time they lose they are setting the new record for most number of losses.’
    • ‘The losingest franchise in all of sports needs to shake things up.’
    • ‘What is the name of the losingest thoroughbred racing horse in U.S. history, plus age and number of consecutive races it has lost?’