Meaning of loss adjuster in English:

loss adjuster


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  • An insurance agent who assesses the amount of compensation that should be paid after a person has claimed on their insurance policy.

    ‘It is not in the policyholder's interest that the loss adjuster compiles their claim.’
    • ‘Telephone your insurer as soon as possible - they will register the claim and either send a claim form or, if necessary, a loss adjuster to assess the damage.’
    • ‘Our insurer is refusing to pay our claim after its loss adjuster visited us and said the damage was due to ‘wear and tear’.’
    • ‘In this case you would submit a claim for €50,000 and a loss adjuster would visit your home.’
    • ‘Then our list for the police went to the insurers through a loss adjuster, who came round and sorted out what the value of everything was.’
    • ‘My insurer and its loss adjuster couldn't have shown more sensitivity and skill at dealing with a mildly difficult situation.’
    • ‘Do not be disconcerted if your insurer appoints a loss adjuster.’
    • ‘We will be undertaking repairs to the properties affected by the flooding and reviewing any damage to gardens with the loss adjuster.’
    • ‘Using skilled loss adjusters to assess small claims makes no sense, especially in the current economic climate.’
    • ‘Engineers later supported the wall with specialist equipment, allowing the vehicle to be taken away and insurance loss adjusters to inspect the property.’
    • ‘Then you face months of battling with loss adjusters, insurance companies and builders until it is finally habitable again.’
    • ‘It is understood the matter is now in the hands of loss adjusters employed by the insurance companies involved.’
    • ‘We have our own insurance assessors and our own loss adjusters who examine each and every claim against us.’
    • ‘She said: ‘The loss adjusters have been very good and they are still assessing the cost of the damage.’’
    • ‘He said loss adjusters had taken affected appliances away for repair.’
    • ‘Integrity is important and loss adjusters should also be fair and unbiased when dealing with claims.’
    • ‘Once a figure has been agreed with you, the loss adjuster will issue their report recommending payment.’
    • ‘That firm would then despatch a loss adjuster to the scene to meet with the policyholder.’
    • ‘If a loss adjuster has been appointed, do I still need someone like Commercial Loss Management involved with my Business Interruption claim?’
    • ‘The loss adjuster is someone who is employed by your insurance company, representing their interests in adjusting the claim.’