Meaning of lotic in English:


Pronunciation /ˈləʊtɪk/


  • (of organisms or habitats) inhabiting or situated in rapidly moving fresh water.

    Compare with lentic

    ‘Macrophytes play a key role in many unshaded lotic ecosystems, but little is known of the factors controlling their presence, abundance, and composition.’
    • ‘Most important, perhaps, is the addition of lake-derived energy sources, including the high quality/quantity of seston upon which filter-feeding lotic insects depend.’
    • ‘An understanding of factors that influence species richness of lotic insects is generally lacking.’
    • ‘Flow can vary along a lotic stretch, but as a rule, maximum velocity is midstream near the surface.’
    • ‘The major difference between a lotic ecosystem and a lentic ecosystem is the persistent flow of water in a lotic ecosystem.’


Early 20th century from Latin lotus ‘washing’ + -ic.