Meaning of lotta in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɒtə/


  • Lots of.

    • ‘I saw a lotta courage out there, and a lotta hard work’
    • ‘But success isn't all fun and games; it is a whole lotta hard work too!’
    • ‘In fact, I've noticed that a lotta gay people like to read.’
    • ‘Oh, you hear a lotta talk about ‘chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons’ that never turned up.’
    • ‘Man, that's a whole lotta effort for minimal reward.’
    • ‘He spent a whole lotta time saying a whole lotta nothing.’
    • ‘The first and most important thing is that it takes a whole lotta money, time, and effort (all of which I don't have) to do this!’
    • ‘Featuring radio streams, downloadable MP3s, and a whole lotta content, the site is all about getting music out to the people.’
    • ‘The first time I saw it, I was like, ‘Jeez, there's a whole lotta me up there!’’
    • ‘Let's be conservative, and say that it takes a whole lotta food.’
    • ‘Your column gave me a lotta laughs, but I'm also ambivalent over the whole anti-bullying curriculum.’
    • ‘Since then there's been a whole lotta uplifting going on.’
    • ‘There's still a lotta love, here in these troubled fields’
    • ‘Then he orders some expensive grub, and a whole lotta liquor.’
    • ‘There's gonna be a whole lotta study done between now and then.’
    • ‘I spent a lotta time with a mate up in Inverell when I was a kid.’
    • ‘Needless to say this opens up a whole lotta possibilities for the government in future cases like this one.’
    • ‘So tonight I'm making up for a lotta lost time a lot of hurt feelings and a lot of broken promises’
    • ‘The next few months at the office is going to be a whole lotta fun.’


Late 19th century representing a non-standard pronunciation.