Meaning of lotus land in English:

lotus land


  • 1Greek Mythology
    The land of the lotus eaters.

    • ‘people have searched long and hard for Homer's lotus land’
    1. 1.1A place regarded as conducive to a carefree or idyllic lifestyle.
      ‘they are not the only ones who want to spend their golden years in Canada's lotus land’
      • ‘This is the sort of matter-of-fact lotus land where a high quality of life is considered an inalienable right, where stress is considered bad karma, and where ‘going with the flow ‘is usually a reference to kayaking.’’
      • ‘For the disenchanted lover of Americana, this lotus land was now ‘a hellish plateau for a thousand souls dying every day.’’
      • ‘I guess L.A. lotus land is often used as a symbol of this kind of existence.’