Meaning of loud and clear in English:

loud and clear

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  • In a way that reduces or avoids confusion or misunderstanding.

    ‘hopefully my point came across loud and clear’
    • ‘The author's enthusiasm and infectious desire to communicate his ideas comes across loud and clear.’
    • ‘We heard loud and clear from broadcasters, advertisers and viewers that they didn't see any benefits in an increase in overall advertising.’
    • ‘The message is loud and clear that feelings of anxiety, despair and depression are common and treatable.’
    • ‘In the past few years, politicians seem to have gotten that message loud and clear, and we're beginning to see positive results from that.’
    • ‘I assume his voice will be coming out loud and clear in this debate today.’
    • ‘More than a decade of frustration came through loud and clear at this morning's launch.’
    • ‘The professionalism of the office comes through loud and clear, as does the commitment to excellence.’
    • ‘The manager's message was loud and clear.’