Meaning of lough in English:



Irish form of loch
‘the cottage sat at the edge of the lough’
  • ‘From mountains, glens lakes, loughs, caves, cliffs and beaches to cities, towns, villages and hamlets, it's all within reach of your schedule and budget’.’
  • ‘Ferox are exclusively a fish of the central European glacial lakes, the Scottish lochs and the Irish loughs.’
  • ‘The majority of tench fishing takes place in natural loughs or loughs produced by peat diggings.’
  • ‘The lough is an estuary, thus salty, so keeping the head out of the water is more of an issue than when at the pool.’
  • ‘They have not been able to populate fast-flowing rivers and open estuary areas, but lakes and loughs are a huge target for them.’



/lɒk/ /lɒx/


Middle English from Irish loch.