Meaning of lounge room in English:

lounge room


  • A room in a house for general everyday use; a living room.

    ‘One will be able to explore the great museums of the world without leaving the lounge room.’
    • ‘The fire in Sarah's house started from a tea-light in her lounge room, fortunately at the other end of the house.’
    • ‘When he woke up she warmed the milk and carried him into the lounge room.’
    • ‘She allegedly put a pile of matches and newspaper in the lounge room after her husband left the house.’
    • ‘Movie-lovers can now bring Hollywood technology into their lounge rooms.’
    • ‘The new building will also have a full-service kitchen and lounge room with a bar.’
    • ‘At this size and price, this TV is not going to adorn too many lounge rooms around the country.’
    • ‘Now I can support the players by sitting in my lounge room and watching them on TV.’
    • ‘At least one house has been significantly damaged, with water flooding into its lounge room and the garage roof collapsing.’
    • ‘The first night we walked outside from the main lounge room, and even before our eyes had properly adjusted to the dark we could see the Milky Way blazing overhead.’
    • ‘Though the album is predominantly based around electric guitar, the songs started life acoustically in Ranaldo's lounge room.’
    • ‘The venue was the size of a large loungeroom, complete with leather sofas, dim lighting and a bar with amazing drinks.’
    • ‘Mr Hanna was in his loungeroom at the front of the house and said he heard screeching and ran on to his veranda.’
    • ‘The live sound production and engineering was integral to TV broadcasting and giving a 'live' experience for the viewer in their lounge room.’