Meaning of lounge suit in English:

lounge suit


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  • A man's suit consisting of a matching jacket and trousers, worn during the day, especially in the workplace.

    ‘No, I've told you, at a day wedding it's incorrect not to wear a morning suit or a lounge suit.’
    • ‘The Prince, wearing a dark lounge suit and black tie, was asked to pass on a touching message to his mother.’
    • ‘Wearing a black tie with a grey lounge suit and green overcoat, the 80-year-old Duke met local council leaders, residents and schoolchildren.’
    • ‘The clothes were really lovely - fifties style, the ladies mainly in satin, the men mainly in dinner suits, except for Jupiter, who was mainly in a cream lounge suit and brogues.’
    • ‘Dressed in a modern lounge suit and armed only with a carafe of water, he breezes through this enormous recital without seeming to break sweat.’
    • ‘It turned out to be an all-black tie do and I was the only one in a (slightly dishevelled) lounge suit.’
    • ‘Stylish dressers are now discarding their casual jackets, crotch crushing jeans, Gap slacks, T-shirts and combat clobber, to make room in their wardrobes for bespoke and off-the-peg lounge suits.’
    • ‘If they are committed to getting lounge suits made, they should probably ask my tailor, who I'm sure could knock them out something cool in burgundy and velvet.’
    • ‘The women had dresses that weren't too elaborate and the men wore lounge suits and long ties.’
    • ‘Dress is optional with lounge suits for the men.’
    • ‘If the invitation contains no indication in this regard, lounge suit is assumed to be appropriate.’
    • ‘Can you please clear up once and for all the difference between lounge suit, cocktail, formal and black tie?’
    • ‘Single Breasted button two lounge suits are available in Black and Navy.’
    • ‘On some occasions, if the function is an informal outdoor afternoon affair, then the lounge suit can be more casual, lighter colored, and worn without a tie.’
    • ‘Soldiers will be under orders to wear cheaper lounge suits to replace expensive dress uniforms under controversial plans being considered by the army.’
    • ‘Whether it be for a family occasion, a business meeting or a interview, we have a range of lounge suits in black, navy and grey.’
    • ‘The light grey lounge suits range from a 34’ chest up to a 54’ chest and come in short, regular and long fittings.’
    • ‘The man wears an informal lounge suit, the shape based on a cut-away coat.’
    • ‘The lounge suit has the added benefit of being able to be worn afterwards.’
    • ‘A lounge suit is worn at less formal occasions such as business meetings, interviews etc, where more formal dress is not necessary.’