Meaning of loutishness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlaʊtɪʃnəs/


See loutish

‘By creating this category of loutishness or kids hanging around the Government can acknowledge anxieties without admitting there may be a problem with crime.’
  • ‘But there is a sense among many, heightened by recent headlines, that the speed and regularity with which inane and drunken loutishness turns violent is sufficiently alarming to become a national priority.’
  • ‘He insisted that it was this ‘poverty’ which acted as ‘the breeding ground of the violence, loutishness and addiction which blights areas of our city’.’
  • ‘Unfortunately, though, it is highly unlikely that the young people responsible for vandalism and loutishness will have been among those who volunteered to take part in the project.’
  • ‘It follows an escalation of vandalism and loutishness in both resorts over recent months and a determination by town councillors to crack down on the anti-social behaviour.’