Meaning of love-in-idleness in English:



another term for heartsease
‘Large-flowered modern varieties are the result of hybridising the wild pansy, viola tricolor, also known as love-in-idleness, kiss-me-quick and heartsease.’
  • ‘Oberon resolves to defeat her by applying the magic juice of a flower, love-in-idleness, to her eyes as she sleeps, which will make her fall in love with the next creature she sees: he sends Robin to fetch it.’
  • ‘Hatching a plan to win the Indian boy, Oberon sends Puck in search of a flower called love-in-idleness.’
  • ‘And don't you love the fact that another name for pansy is ‘love-in-idleness’?’
  • ‘The play's joke is that, while under the influence of the drug love-in-idleness, Titania cannot see just how bestial, how ridiculous, how mortal - in short, how ‘gross’ - Bottom has become.’