Meaning of love-lies-bleeding in English:



  • A South American plant with long drooping tassels of crimson flowers. Cultivated today as an ornamental, its seeds and leaves were formerly eaten in the Andes.

    Amaranthus caudatus, family Amaranthaceae

    ‘Here a bouquet of dahlias, astilbe, and love-lies-bleeding is tucked into a wire basket embellished with supermarket rhubarb.’
    • ‘Vernacular names such as love-lies-bleeding and florimer (flor-amor) reflect this misunderstanding.’
    • ‘The dark red Amaranthus caudatus is commonly called 'love-lies-bleeding'.’
    • ‘Love-lies-bleeding, prized for its rope-like, blood-red blossoms, has traditionally been used to stanch bleeding and treat internal hemorrhage.’