Meaning of love apple in English:

love apple

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  • A tomato.

    ‘The tomato used to be called the love apple and this is nothing to do with its passionate colour or suggestive shape.’
    • ‘A member of the Nightshade family, the tomato originated in Central America and was brought to Europe by the Spanish conquistadors, who nicknamed it the love apple.’
    • ‘Sun-warmed and soft, that juicy vine-ripened love apple is one of the true garden treats.’
    • ‘Open air markets still supply locally grown fruits (bananas, coconuts, guava, pineapples, mangoes, love apples, and passion fruit) and vegetables (breadfruit, Chinese cabbage, yams, gumbo, and manioc).’
    • ‘This fruit confused French and Italian cooks, too, who called them ‘potatoes d' amour ‘or love apples, and ‘pomodoro ‘or golden apples, respectively.’’