Meaning of love interest in English:

love interest


  • 1An actor whose main role in a story or film is that of a lover of the central character.

    • ‘The role of the female love interest in Arthur was similar in style.’
    • ‘As the central love interest, he isn't charming, just irritating.’
    • ‘The character of Nikki, the love interest in the novel, is particularly strong, and is again based on old colleagues.’
    • ‘Fernando, a potential love interest, is the most rooted of all the minor characters.’
    • ‘I was just trying to save time since it always seems that the strong female co-star ends up being the love interest.’
    • ‘Luckily, though, the story also has a human love interest - Tennant's girlfriend Jennifer.’
    • ‘By giving her a love interest, the movie fits into more traditional representations of women in the filmic genre of the woman's melodrama.’
    • ‘The Boss isn't the love interest, incidentally.’
    • ‘For a love interest, Judy has been very poorly cast.’
    • ‘As a love interest he has a shapely, feisty, post millennium, trouser-wearing stowaway called Marina.’
    • ‘She played the love interest and she does nothing more than bounce, jiggle and ooze vapidness.’
    • ‘We don't need two Mary Sues added just for the purpose of being love interests for the guys.’
    • ‘Some secretaries have also been love interests, and some have just strengthened an already strong supporting cast.’
    • ‘Bela and Ruby are not going to be love interests unless something spectacular happens with the chemistry and it makes sense for the storyline.’
    • ‘Batwoman also had a niece and the two of them were the love interests of Batman and Robin for a short period of time from 1956 to 1964.’
    1. 1.1mass noun A theme or subsidiary plot in a story or film in which the main element is the affection of lovers.
      • ‘And while the St George story was lacking in any love interest, the theme of life and rebirth is a common one at the festive season.’
      • ‘This is unfortunate, given they're the film's main love interest.’
      • ‘There is none of our modern screenwriting need to provide story arcs, lenient human touches and love interest.’
      • ‘What holds the show back is a rather lame, and out of context, love interest which is so peripheral, you simply don't care if the boy gets the girl.’
      • ‘There was more politics, some love interest and buckets of ‘special’ effects.’
      • ‘There is no love interest in Animal Farm, but there is in Nineteen Eighty-Four.’
      • ‘From then on, there's no love interest: it's dour testosterone all the way.’
      • ‘The relationship between the elf princess Arwen and the mortal Aragorn is padded out, as one might expect of a blockbuster with no other love interest.’
      • ‘There are no love interests and few tertiary characters to distract us from this focus.’
      • ‘Introducing love interests opens doors to all manner of excellent storylines.’
      • ‘I remember what I liked to read, and it always had to have a good love interest.’
      • ‘Except there is a love interest in his latest novel, a spiritual thriller set in an imaginary country very much like Tibet.’
      • ‘There is, of course, also a love interest, moments of pure comedy and all the facets that go to make up a truly great play.’
      • ‘There is a love interest, of course, and an estranged wife thrown in for good measure, but this is not the main event.’
      • ‘Thank god though a love interest was not thrown in, as usually is the case in this sort of film.’
      • ‘Maid Marian, who provides the love interest, was a 16th-cent. addition to the story.’


love interest