Meaning of love letter in English:

love letter


  • A letter expressing romantic love for the recipient.

    ‘they exchanged love letters and photographs’
    • ‘the film is his magnificent love letter to the slapstick genre’
    • ‘A lot of it, according to his family, is hate mail, but some of it is support mail and undoubtedly, some of it's probably a few love letters.’
    • ‘I've been rereading some of the love letters he wrote me that I saved.’
    • ‘I received some wonderful love letters from him, but they only increased my longing for him and the despair I felt.’
    • ‘I listened to my favorite CDs and re-read old love letters from my husband before finding a safe place to keep them.’
    • ‘This album is essentially a love letter to her husband, it gushes and coos in a way that would have once been alien to the popstar, who used to emanate a certain aloof dignity.’
    • ‘The box was filled with love letters that Sean wrote for his future wife in hopes of giving them to her as a gift on their wedding night.’
    • ‘The documentary is essentially a love letter to the team's long-suffering fans.’
    • ‘I'm still thinking about sending him a love letter sealed with a cherry lip gloss kiss.’
    • ‘My sister found a bag of love letters that my grandpa had sent to my grandma during his deployment in World War 2.’
    • ‘He burned all his loves letters from his old girlfriends.’