Meaning of love lock in English:

love lock

Pronunciation /ˈlʌvlɒk/


  • A padlock attached to a bridge by a couple as a symbol of their commitment to each other.

    ‘we put our love lock on the bridge next to the Louvre’
    • ‘In the few days since the new posts went up, dozens of new love locks have been sealed shut on Ponte Milvio, in a perfect world, forever.’
    • ‘Last year hundreds of love locks mysteriously disappeared from one of Paris' best-known bridges, a week after city officials had declared them an eyesore.’
    • ‘Venice has launched a crackdown on hundreds of "love locks" which starry-eyed visitors have attached to historic bridges on the Grand Canal.’
    • ‘Love locks are also a feature of cities such as Turin, Bologna, Naples, Verona - the home of Romeo and Juliet - and Florence, where big clumps of them hang off the city's famous Ponte Vecchio.’
    • ‘He and his partner first connected two love locks into place on the footbridge, following inspiration by similar sites seen on a trip to Europe.’
    • ‘"The idea is to give couples the alternative of a selfie instead of a love lock and explain that they are weighing too heavily on Parisian bridges."’
    • ‘"Love locks have taken such a hold on the 492-foot-long structure that last year several railings collapsed under the weight.’
    • ‘"Three weeks ago we were in Russia, locked a love lock, and threw the key into the river, signifying its permanence."’
    • ‘Tasos, who loves to travel, tries this gimmick where he invites her to attach a "love lock" to the gate.’
    • ‘Dublin City Council acted quickly in January 2012, cutting off the love locks which had adorned the Ha'penny Bridge.’


1990s from love and lock.