Meaning of love nest in English:

love nest


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  • A place where two lovers spend time together, especially in secret.

    • ‘he set up his mistress in a luxury love nest’
    • ‘There was a glazed look in our eyes as we imagined our new love nest brimming with books, half finished manuscripts and acceptance letters from publishers.’
    • ‘The other day she called on her mobile to say that she had just bought a love nest in the Med with her new lover: ‘No point in the money just sitting in the bank, darling.’’
    • ‘As is the norm, we soon had to expand our humble closet to include a couple of medical labs and a storage room, which we transformed into a sensual love nest by way of candles and fluffy heart-shaped pillows.’
    • ‘In Billy Wilder's aching, razor-sharp urban romance, Jack Lemmon works for a massive insurance company and his apartment has become a love nest for adulterous executives.’
    • ‘Many rooms are open to the public now, including the armoury, stocked with swords and pistols, the cloisters, where the royal family would have been entertained, and even a mirrored love nest.’
    • ‘The year was 1993 and after a year or so of sleeping alternately at each other's sordid and miserable shared houses we crossed the river and got ourselves a love nest in St Kilda.’
    • ‘I guess he wants a private love nest for him and Connor.’
    • ‘There was the afternoon, for example, when the Professor's then-paramour brought her father to visit our love nest.’
    • ‘The mansion on the island - which has just one shop - could be the latest love nest for her and her boyfriend.’
    • ‘April must endure a comedy of errors, with her boyfriend, as they attempt perhaps the first meal ever to have been cooked in their seedy love nest.’
    • ‘We emerged from our love nest some time later to go for dinner.’
    • ‘He appeared to live for a time not in a house but in a love nest.’
    • ‘Did things not go well tonight at your little love nest?’
    • ‘When staking out a love nest, use the two-hour rule.’
    • ‘She said that he would visit Thailand frequently and that they had rented the apartment as their love nest.’
    • ‘Then they should be photographed on vacation or walking their recently adopted pup before aerial shots of their jointly purchased love nest are published.’
    • ‘Tim said he's up for it, but we'd need a fourth - Will's gonna get some love nest with Sharon.’
    • ‘After Brazil's economic crisis shifted buying power into reverse, some couples relocated their love nests from pricey motels to parking garages.’