Meaning of love potion in English:

love potion

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  • A drink supposed to cause the drinker to feel love and desire for a particular person.

    ‘a local witch who sold love potions and charms’
    • ‘His former mistress, is jealous, and switches the love potion with a drug that will make Marfa lose her beauty and waste away.’
    • ‘By mistake, the love potion is drunk by Tristram and Isoud who are bound thereafter in endless passion.’
    • ‘A lot of the exotic love potion powders are dangerously toxic.’
    • ‘Perfume can serve as a love potion, and the best part about it is that if she appreciates your gift, she'll want you to get a sampling of it as often as possible.’
    • ‘The sheltered witch craves true romance with a mortal—one that doesn't require love potions, hexes or spells.’
    • ‘If someone is trying to sell you a magic love potion, save your money.’
    • ‘Alkaloids from Solanaceae may induce a delirious state, but, despite their frequent use in medieval love potions, they do not have specific eroticising properties.’
    • ‘The fact that the lovers do not know that they are drinking a love potion makes the potion truly magic, for they fall in love when they have drunk it.’
    • ‘I've heard this song for years and one day a friend of mine informs me that the whole thing is how-to for a love potion.’
    • ‘I quite fancied cornering the market in the one and only true love potion.’