Meaning of loved one in English:

loved one

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usually loved ones
  • A person who is a member of one's family or a close friend.

    ‘families who lost loved ones’
    • ‘Many of those left behind lost not only their loved ones, but also their means of survival.’
    • ‘With the sun shining on her face and surrounded by her loved ones, Sophia was content.’
    • ‘We had chosen a civil union, announcing it to loved ones with engraved invitations.’
    • ‘He's often the last hope grieving relatives have of being reunited with a missing loved one.’
    • ‘As military families with loved ones serving our nation in a time of war and grave peril, we understand the importance of operation security.’
    • ‘Residents searching for missing loved ones filed nervously past rows of wet garments laid out by rescuers on the grass.’
    • ‘It is approaching Christmas, the time that people get together to spend time with their loved ones.’
    • ‘We had an hour at the mall, which proved to be enough time for me to buy a few tacky gifts with which to disappoint loved ones back home, and also a stack of postcards.’
    • ‘"It is always a tragedy when a family loses a loved one to violence, but all the community support softens the blow, lightens the load," he said.’
    • ‘Panicked residents tried to ferry their loved ones to a medical clinic.’