Meaning of loveliness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlʌvlɪnɪs/

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mass noun
  • 1The quality of being very beautiful or attractive.

    ‘I was enthralled with the sheer loveliness of the setting’
    • ‘she was a vision of loveliness’
    • ‘He took a step back, overtaken for a moment by her loveliness.’
    • ‘His soul was not particularly beautiful, in no way measuring up to the physical loveliness of his eyes.’
    • ‘Each case held a gem or jewelry of varying loveliness.’
    • ‘He's already involved with a woman who, despite her delicate loveliness, looks positively forlorn.’
    • ‘From the assembled girls, he selected five he deemed to have some feature of singular loveliness.’
    • ‘There should not be such loveliness in the midst of horror.’
    • ‘The loveliness of the location is matched by exceptionally attractive performances from the leading players.’
    • ‘A pamphlet published by the Park Association declared that the mountain range had "been presented in its virgin loveliness."’
    • ‘Whether up on their toes, skittering swiftly in small steps, or smoothly swiveling, this is liquid loveliness.’
    • ‘You have brought to your position a loveliness and grace and intelligence that are unusual and, I am afraid, irreplaceable.’
  • 2 rare count noun A group of ladybirds.

    ‘ a loveliness of ladybirds is living in my window pane’
    • ‘It put me in mind of opening the bedroom window recently to discover an equally astonishing loveliness of more than 100 ladybirds crammed into the outer frame casing.’
    • ‘There's a loveliness of ladybirds in the walled garden at the moment.’
    • ‘If you feel your garden lacks natural balance, or you are just the panicky type, invest in a loveliness of ladybirds.’
    • ‘I disturbed a loveliness of ladybirds whilst cutting back Stipa gigantea’
    • ‘A loveliness of ladybirds in the spare room, sprinting house spiders in the living room, and hungry silverfish in the kitchen are just some of the creatures that head indoors as winter sets in.’