Meaning of lovely jubbly in English:

lovely jubbly


informal British
  • Used to express delight or approval.

    • ‘fish and chips and a few beers on the way back from a match—lovely jubbly!’
    • ‘Swindonians will have a lovely jubbly time tomorrow when the town plays host to the stars of Only Fools and Horses.’
    • ‘He reckons the pure spring water he's discovered on his land is lovely jubbly.’
    • ‘So, I say… good for them… jolly good show old chap etc… lovely jubbly… bring it on.’
    • ‘As part of a bag approaching one hundred pounds Val had two Crucians weighing three twelve and four pound exactly, lovely jubbly!’
    • ‘Anna and Jess wandered up, and got interviewed too! Lovely jubbly.’
    • ‘I can see it now someone who did the same thing 30 years before would have to let them in and pay extra taxes for the too. Lovely Jubbly!’


    From lubbly Jubbly, a 1950s advertising slogan for Jubbly, an orange-flavoured soft drink; adopted by comedy writer John Sullivan in his BBC television series Only Fools & Horses.