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  • 1Made with a small amount of money.

    ‘a fan of low-budget horror flicks’
    • ‘He is an independent film-maker with over 60 films to his name, including four low-budget features.’
    • ‘You had quite a bit of brand name talent involved for an independent, low-budget movie.’
    • ‘The final sequence is a captivating display of low-budget special effects.’
    • ‘He worked in the most disreputable realms of the already dubious area of Hollywood low-budget filmmaking.’
    • ‘You can tell a low-budget movie by the quality of the film.’
    • ‘A low-budget set is not the most comfortable at times.’
    • ‘It was a very low-budget film, shot on video.’
    • ‘The movie is a homage to the grindhouse flicks of the early '70s: low-budget martial arts features that played in cheap theaters.’
    • ‘Having acted in a bunch of them, are you a fan of low-budget horror flicks?’
    • ‘What's the best part of making low-budget movies?’
    • ‘I'm passionate about the low-budget musicals nobody else remembers.’
    • ‘I was doing crew work on low-budget, independent films as far back as high school.’
    • ‘I like low-budget science fiction.’
    • ‘The low-budget film earned over $100 million.’
    • ‘She freelanced as a production coordinator for commercials and low-budget features.’
    • ‘And in all honesty low-budget marketing campaigns based on solid positioning that have great value are fun, authentic and generate viral interest.’
    • ‘It was a low-budget operation, and needed no international conspiracy to bring it about.’
    • ‘Playing Vivaldi at a low-budget wedding is not the same as being in a rock band.’
    • ‘Unix began as a small-scale, low-budget project.’
    • ‘The first thing you realize when you're doing a low-budget project is that you're relying on the kindness of friends - and maybe a couple strangers.’
    cheap, inexpensive, economy, economic, economical, low-cost, low-price, low-budget, reasonable, reasonably priced, cut-price, cut-rate, discount, discounted, bargain, bargain-basement
    1. 1.1Suitable for someone with a restricted amount of money.
      ‘the area is famous for low-budget hotels’
      • ‘He is facing hard questions on the viability of a small carrier, squeezed between large airlines and low-budget carriers.’
      • ‘The era of low-budget airlines is tempting a growing number of people to do short hops abroad, often on day trips.’
      • ‘If your low-budget airline collapses, you may be left stranded abroad.’
      • ‘We can hook people up with low-budget accommodations.’
      • ‘Some of the low-budget hotels are extremely pretty.’
      • ‘If you are thinking about your holiday plans - well, that low-budget trip to Rio or Rome just became a real possibility.’
      • ‘Looking for a low-budget night out with the lads?’
      • ‘If we wanted a life of leisure (if a rather low-budget one) all we had to do was to show up at the dole office every fortnight.’
      • ‘I could find meaning in a low-budget life.’
      • ‘One cabin has been converted into a dorm, the best low-budget digs in town.’
      cost-effective, effective, efficient, energy-efficient, fuel-efficient, energy-saving, fuel-saving, worthwhile, valuable, advantageous, cheap, inexpensive, low-cost, low-price, low-budget, budget, economy, reasonable, reasonably priced, cut-price