Meaning of low-carbon in English:



  • Causing or resulting in only a relatively small net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

    ‘the low-carbon alternative to coal’
    • ‘If most emissions from the growing of malting barley come from the use of artificial nitrogen fertiliser, then the sector should look for low-carbon alternatives.’
    • ‘The government has ignored the thousands of green jobs that could be created and a huge opportunity to build a low-carbon industry.’
    • ‘He pledged millions of pounds of public money to back "clean" technologies such as low-carbon cars.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister hailed the car as being "at the forefront" of the UK's transition to a low-carbon economy.’
    • ‘The government should organise a competition to see which technologies offer the cheapest and best way of generating carbon-free or low-carbon electricity.’
    • ‘The government must spend more on research and development to develop cost-effective non-carbon or low-carbon energy alternatives.’
    • ‘The budget has incentives to encourage renewable electricity, carbon capture and storage, and the switch to low-carbon fuels.’
    • ‘This committee negotiated in good faith to deliver a package that represents an historic chance for Australia to transition to a low-carbon future.’
    • ‘We are resolved to seize the opportunity of our fiscal stimulus programs to promote low-carbon growth and to create green jobs.’
    • ‘The government announced that it would spend £100m helping local authorities to build low-carbon homes.’
    environmentally friendly, ecologically sound, environmentally sound, non-polluting, ozone-friendly, energy-efficient, energy-saving, fuel-efficient, fuel-saving, low-carbon