Meaning of low-flow in English:



  • Denoting a toilet, tap, shower head, or other plumbing appliance that is designed to use or dispense less water than a conventional model.

    ‘I recycle, compost, have low-flow toilets, and drive an electric car’
    • ‘Low-flow toilets help to cut costs for you and ensure their longevity’
    • ‘Upgrading to low-flow sprayers can conserve water.’
    • ‘The city installed low-flow restrictors in multi-family units.’
    • ‘Many hotels installed low-flow shower heads.’
    • ‘During the drought, the company implemented a range of quick wins to save water, such as installing low-flow devices in taps.’
    • ‘Other environmental features include low-flow plumbing fixtures and smart irrigation controls.’
    • ‘Low-flow toilets, sinks, and shower heads help you conserve water.’
    • ‘As individuals we can change our practices by simple things such as installing a low-flow shower head or using water-saving devices in toilets.’
    • ‘He estimated that switching to a low-flow shower head would save around $550 per year in heating costs.’
    • ‘Low flow faucets and toilets require minimal use of critical water resources.’