Meaning of low-flying in English:


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  • Flying at a low altitude.

    ‘a low-flying aircraft could be heard’
    • ‘The static lines allowed German flak to concentrate on likely targets, creating a hazardous environment for low-flying aircraft.’
    • ‘The hidden laboratories were built underground to escape the notice of low-flying starships.’
    • ‘Particularly where barricades are concerned, aerial reconnaissance conducted by low-flying helicopters may go a long way to avoid nasty surprises.’
    • ‘This series is based on photographs taken from a balloon or a low-flying plane.’
    • ‘The key ground components of the system include radars intended to detect low-flying aircraft.’
    • ‘Given the massive concrete blocks that they've added to stop cars crashing into the House of Commons, I can't see our terrified politicians allowing low-flying planes in central London.’
    • ‘A second-generation system automatically tracks moving ground targets and low-flying helicopter targets.’
    • ‘A few years later, she was experimenting on a low-flying circus trapeze when the ropes became tangled.’
    • ‘We see the low-flying fighter-bombers of the RAF, and in their shadow the advancing infantry.’
    • ‘They are as invulnerable to criticism as low-flying stealth bombers to detection by radar.’