Meaning of low-hanging fruit in English:

low-hanging fruit

nounplural noun low-hanging fruit

  • The most easily achieved of a set of tasks, measures, goals, etc.

    • ‘it's more difficult to produce new drugs—all the low-hanging fruit has been picked’
    • ‘‘He is picking the low-hanging fruit,’ said one analyst.’
    • ‘And with the successful reforms of the last 20 years, we've picked the low-hanging fruit and we're going to have to do something pretty substantial to get out of this.’
    • ‘However, now that the low-hanging fruit has been successfully plucked the task of domestic growth is going to be that much more difficult for the superstore operators.’
    • ‘Diminishing returns in the sciences seem inevitable because the low-hanging fruit was picked first.’
    • ‘It's been on a growth track, and now most of the low-hanging fruit has been plucked as it were - as they call it - and in that respect, they're not going to be able to satisfy large growth projections or large growth hopes.’
    • ‘The theme is that things like building new bridges and interchanges is great, but that these things take ten years and billions of dollars; it's worth looking at the low-hanging fruit, too.’
    • ‘Their low-hanging fruit had long since been plucked.’
    • ‘But the driver has to be movies because it's the low-hanging fruit.’
    • ‘‘You get all the low-hanging fruit in the first year,’ Eggert says.’
    • ‘But the low-hanging fruit lies in automation applications.’
    • ‘Exchange rates are a low-hanging fruit for them, even though they are a small fruit and - from the Chinese perspective - an unripe one.’
    • ‘But people have always mourned the loss of the low-hanging fruit - and then smart and innovative folks built taller ladders.’
    • ‘These changes represent the low-hanging fruit of increased horsepower and add 25 horses to the 260 hp on the stock version.’
    • ‘With much of the low-hanging fruit gone, is it time to examine the cost/ value relationship along the entire wood supply/processing chain?’
    • ‘So rather than just chase the big innovations all the time, we should also make sure we unleash the smaller quick hits, the low-hanging fruit.’
    • ‘Start with the low-hanging fruit - declining to cover routine briefings by government officials who refuse to be named.’
    • ‘But email is just the low-hanging fruit of the wireless data market.’
    • ‘Each of these products might lead us to a low-hanging fruit.’
    • ‘These, however, look like a rather larger mountain to climb than picture phones, which you could call the low-hanging fruit of privacy invasion.’