Meaning of low-heeled in English:


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  • (of shoes) having low heels.

    ‘wear low-heeled shoes with non-slip soles’
    • ‘Sister Margaret wasn't more than five feet two in her low-heeled black shoes.’
    • ‘I sat there in my office dress, my neat low-heeled shoes.’
    • ‘She was wearing sensible low-heeled shoes that day which had a rubber sole with a good deep tread design.’
    • ‘It is even more important for older women to wear low-heeled, comfortable shoes.’
    • ‘For your comfort and safety, please wear sturdy low-heeled shoes that you're comfortable running and jumping in.’
    • ‘I want to buy a nice but not floor-length dress and some low-heeled shoes to wear.’
    • ‘Her uniform was a plain gingham dress, brought from home, and sensible low-heeled white shoes.’
    • ‘Both flat and low-heeled shoes in muted colors and classic styles were popular.’
    • ‘I ususally slouch around town in trendy but by most standards low-heeled shoes.’
    • ‘She patted his sweater-clad shoulder lightly before moving past him, her low-heeled pumps making soft clips as she walked down the hallway.’
    • ‘Wear low-heeled shoes with good arch support.’
    • ‘Vicky's low-heeled pumps slipped and slid on grimy ice as they crossed the parking lot to the waiting military buses.’
    • ‘Dressed in a spectacular brown, black and yellow Paisley patterned shirt, Mandela cut a dashing figure next to Sophie who chose a stylish powder-blue dress with low-heeled brown court shoes.’
    • ‘She has put away her thermals, waterproofs and woolly hat to don a smart black suit, white shirt, black cravat, dark tights and low-heeled shoes as the Mayor's Attendant.’
    • ‘Her black low-heeled pumps match a pair of crisp wrist-length gloves beaded with dark sequins.’
    • ‘In the early 19th century the dapper first Duke of Wellington commissioned a low-heeled calf boot of soft leather.’
    • ‘She wore low-heeled sensible shoes and ankle socks.’
    • ‘She was wearing a cotton-house dress and low-heeled shoes.’
    • ‘What does look nice, though, and is easy for anyone to wear, is a flash of pink on your feet - flip-flops, pointy suede mules, low-heeled pumps or full-on boudoir-style high-heeled, round-toed shoes.’
    • ‘Patients should be advised to wear low-heeled shoes with a soft upper portion and a roomy toebox.’
    low, low-heeled, heelless, without heels