Meaning of low-income in English:



  • 1Relating or belonging to people who earn low wages.

    ‘low-income families’
    • ‘low-income housing’
    • ‘Growing housing unaffordability for low-income families also affects learning.’
    • ‘One measure introduced by the government to help low-income families with childcare costs is the Working Families Tax Credit.’
    • ‘The Housing Authority is responsible for building rental apartments for the low-income families.’
    • ‘Little discussion is devoted to reducing high marginal tax rates faced by low-income taxpayers.’
    • ‘We believe in real low-income housing where families can afford to live.’
    1. 1.1(of a country) having a low national income.
      ‘low-income African states’
      • ‘In low-income countries, the people's plight has been particularly severe.’
      • ‘The vast majority of illegal software copying takes place in low-income countries.’
      • ‘In global terms the divide between high-income and low-income countries will be increased.’
      • ‘The largest protests are in low-income countries and the majority of those involved are themselves poor.’
      • ‘Tuberculosis is among the top ten causes of global mortality and affects low-income countries in particular.’