Meaning of low-maintenance in English:




  • 1Requiring little work to keep in good condition.

    ‘low-maintenance lawns’
    • ‘This is relatively low-cost and low-maintenance equipment and requires minimal infrastructure.’
    • ‘Some are choosing to replace all or part of their lawns with drought-resistant, low-maintenance alternatives.’
    • ‘They make every square foot count by expanding outdoor living space; replacing lawns with low-maintenance, water-wise plants; or adding gracefully curved beds.’
    • ‘So here's a list, by region, of some new varieties - and some old species that were once disparaged as weeds - on the cutting edge of low-maintenance lawn care.’
    • ‘Even if you are dedicated to having a low-maintenance lawn, you will need to fertilize with nitrogen to sustain thick, vigorous tuff.’
    • ‘Janet chose not to install any edging material: She says the trench was easy to install and serves as a low-maintenance barrier between bed and lawn.’
    • ‘A very common request is for a low-maintenance garden that is mainly lawn - but of course lawns are very high maintenance.’
    • ‘The lawn gradually gave way to beds of low-maintenance, low-water plantings.’
    • ‘This low-maintenance landscaping may be the answer to your lawn problems.’
    • ‘Choose a good, low-maintenance seed mixture appropriate to your lawn use and climate.’
    • ‘It doesn't have all the usual high-spec air-conditioning and lighting - it's a very cost-effective, low-maintenance structure that means you don't have to have all these fancy high-energy systems within.’
    • ‘Though goslings are very time-consuming, grown-up geese are much more low-maintenance.’
    • ‘He's the perfect low-maintenance pet because he doesn't eat much and he doesn't go very far.’
    • ‘The small patch of grass was surrounded by low-maintenance bark chips that stuck to our knees when we fell, and the overgrown pyracantha bushes swallowed our baseballs like a black hole.’
    • ‘Joe is modest in expectations and is targeting an initial 6,000 a year to pay the bills for a low-maintenance course which will be staffed by a green-keeper, two course staff and one in the office.’
    • ‘All this translates into a different, low-maintenance kind of garden: grasses, palms, succulents, less interest in the work involved in annuals.’
    • ‘Anybody in the market for a low-maintenance home that has good views but isn't too far from Dublin city centre should consider a modern penthouse’
    • ‘These items were selected because they're simple, timeless, comfortable, and more importantly, low-maintenance - everything a casual student's uniform should be.’
    • ‘The cabin is a low-maintenance concrete block box with a plywood insert and a 4-foot diameter steel fireplace.’
    • ‘Therefore, the lightest, low-maintenance brake discs, made of carbon-fibre reinforced ceramics, are a real alternative to steel in this segment.’
    1. 1.1 informal (of a person) independent and not demanding a lot of attention.
      • ‘Because he is so low-maintenance, he suits my lifestyle and personality.’
      • ‘For a guy who puts up the numbers he does, he's pretty low-maintenance.’
      • ‘I'm very independent and very low-maintenance.’
      • ‘Raychel works on attracting as many low-maintenance people as possible.’
      • ‘If you met me in person, you'd think I was a low-maintenance, incredibly quiet, average sort of person.’
      • ‘My family was remarkably low-maintenance; we spent an entire rainy Saturday afternoon playing gin at the house of my brother with the two children and three dachshunds.’
      • ‘Both as a person and as a player, Jason has to be the most low-maintenance superstar in the history of the NBA.’
      • ‘Irish centenarians are largely a docile, low-maintenance lot who ask little of the state and get little from it.’
      • ‘Where are the clothes for low-maintenance regular girls?’
      • ‘You see, I don't wear make-up, and I'm about as low-maintenance as you can get.’