Meaning of low-paid in English:


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  • Earning or providing poor pay.

    ‘thousands of low-paid workers have joined the union’
    • ‘The jobs the members of this workforce perform are not only generally low-paid but also tend to have less favourable fringe benefits.’
    • ‘He is a bookseller and poet and by definition low-paid, and this has been a strain.’
    • ‘These are people who are low-paid, delivering key frontline services.’
    • ‘It's a continual drain if I count the 'opportunity cost' of flitting between irregular low-paid casual jobs rather than getting a solid career happening.’
    • ‘Entry into office jobs does not necessarily represent an escape from the bad, hazardous and low-paid conditions of manufacturing.’
    • ‘A private employer is putting high profit margins above the interests of very low-paid employees.’
    • ‘As many as four out of ten graduates from Scottish universities are working in bars, shops or similar low-paid employment.’
    • ‘The downturn turned him from the owner of a small carpet and floor maintenance company to a low-paid hourly wage earner.’
    • ‘His prospects were limited to a low-paid job in the civil service or a low-paid job in military.’
    • ‘His wife is a low-paid worker at a garbage clearance factory in the city.’
    poverty-stricken, impoverished, necessitous, beggarly, in penury, penurious, impecunious, indigent, needy, needful, in need, in want, badly off, low-paid, in reduced circumstances, in straitened circumstances, destitute, hard up, short of money, on one's beam-ends, unable to make ends meet, underprivileged, deprived, penniless, without a sou, as poor as a church mouse, moneyless