Meaning of low-risk in English:


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  • Involving or exposed to a low level of danger.

    ‘healthy women with low-risk pregnancies’
    • ‘The sale of electricity is made on the basis of long-term contracts at prices fixed in advance, and so is low-risk.’
    • ‘The government will treat international students wishing to study at bachelor level or higher as low-risk applicants, regardless of their country of origin.’
    • ‘Their securities are listed as government securities and can be held by banks and thrifts as low-risk bonds.’
    • ‘It is a fairly low-risk crime in that prosecutors and judges do not give heavy sentences.’
    • ‘The bill is introducing a new rapid assessment process for projects that meet the criteria for low-risk genetic modification.’
    • ‘The financial services industry is always looking for new ways to lure cautious investors out of the deposit account and into the market with low-risk investments.’
    • ‘Poor, uneducated people simply don't have the access to the low-risk jobs that wealthier people do.’
    • ‘The authors place emphasis on avoiding the expense of unnecessary testing in low-risk patients and identifying the high-risk group.’
    • ‘The government hopes that building more prisons and releasing more low-risk prisoners on the electronic tag scheme will be enough to tackle the crisis.’
    • ‘Patients with poor functional status should undergo non-invasive testing unless low-risk surgery is planned.’
    secure, sound, risk-free, low-risk, riskless, impregnable, unassailable, invulnerable, fortress-like
    harmless, innocuous, non-toxic, non-poisonous, non-irritant, benign, wholesome, mild, low-risk