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  • 1Lower in height or closer to the ground than usual.

    ‘a low-slung Mercedes with blacked-out windows’
    • ‘The trees are low-slung, with vines hanging to the ground.’
    • ‘The rooms are typical of boutique hotels in that they specialise in bright colours and modern designs - for example, the TV is perched in a box on the edge of a low-slung bed, and the stylish bathroom sink has a fountain-style tap.’
    • ‘They are generally low-slung and squat in their dimensions, with non-fussy angles and sparse external decoration.’
    • ‘It was frustrating stuff but the low-slung driving position plus the machine's direct steering, non-existent suspension and clutchless acceleration is a recipe for maximum thrills.’
    • ‘The farm consists of two main buildings - the farmhouse, which dates from the 15th century and is a half-timbered, low-slung gabled building, and a huge barn flanking it.’
    • ‘When I clicked on the light in the smallest room, one of our inch-long guests, as if resting on the wrong side of a hammock, was hanging upside down on a very low-slung web between the wall and the base of the toilet.’
    • ‘They have innumerable beautiful, barefoot children, live in low-slung, thatched, whitewashed cottages, and their climate is often cool, damp and misty.’
    • ‘Beside the low-slung chairs there is a machine that makes real coffee with real water, and below that a glass-fronted fridge well-stocked with chilled drinks.’
    • ‘The garage is underlit, with a low-slung ceiling and construction that evinces the massive weight first of the cement slabwork and then of the floors and earth above.’
    • ‘Passengers can struggle to get in and out of such low-slung cars and the seats are often the first things to suffer as a result.’
    • ‘He has the low-slung centre of gravity that most of the greatest players shared.’
    • ‘He insisted on a high seat and a low-slung drum-kit so he could share in fame's glow.’
    • ‘Preference for the low-slung sports coupe with soft-top, the stretch limousine with a uniformed chauffeur, a station wagon or a utility vehicle with four-wheel drive can tell a lot about the owner and his or her passion in life.’
    • ‘A corner I've passed daily for five years by the office used to hold a low-slung 50s office building, and I sighed when it was demolished: oh, great, another parking lot.’
    • ‘Most likely, an American will visualize a long low-slung cargo vessel situated on a river or the Great Lakes, dirty and loaded with coal or iron ore.’
    • ‘We bought a low-slung wooden chair to put in the back of our truck - an investment of £1.50 that gave our backsides a little respite on the bumpy roads.’
    • ‘The other car deserving of respect was a nice, little, low-slung Triumph Spitfire - I secretly envied the acceleration.’
    • ‘In my case, I unload my satchel and my gunbelt and arrange selected contents on the room's low-slung dresser.’
    • ‘Among her stops was a low-slung cement building in northeast Paterson.’
    • ‘Outside the low-slung industrial buildings where he works in North Kent, the air is sharp with the tang of metal and engine oil and sooty railway track.’
  • 2(of clothes, especially trousers) cut to fit low on the hips rather than the waist.

    ‘a pair of low-slung jeans’
    • ‘Clothes were low-slung trousers with tight tops showing a slice of flat, lean stomach and tight slim hips.’
    • ‘With crop tops, hip-hugger jeans and low-slung skirts in style, all arrows point to our abs.’
    • ‘So for a moment, I'm tempted to repeat this procedure with the boy in the low-slung trousers and the bandana, and then I notice that he's bigger than me, and I'd end up looking like a loony.’
    • ‘More apt for the city were low-slung trousers with a slight flare in white or brown corduroy.’
    • ‘A school in Avezzano, central Italy, asked students to stop wearing low-slung trousers that expose navels, underwear, and sometimes much more.’
    • ‘Brightly colored pagers show on the waists of their low-slung jeans.’
    • ‘The woman's back and arms (but, oddly, not her low-slung dress) are striped with shadows and light.’
    • ‘On the other hand, it is true to say that some of this year's fashions, like low-slung jeans, only suit people who are thin.’
    • ‘Rather than more low-slung, snug-fitting pants, designers will have to serve up loose, flowing pants - perhaps even with elastic waistbands.’
    • ‘In their low-slung jeans, tracksuits and gold chains, the group mirrors the legions of teens who populate South Lakeland's street corners.’
    • ‘She was wearing a low-cut, red shirt with a pair of low-slung bleached jeans.’
    • ‘He was coming out of the back rooms wearing a very tight, black sleeveless t-shirt that showed off his muscular arms and tattoos and low-slung, lanky jeans.’
    • ‘Those who wear low-slung jeans probably wouldn't choose tight-fitting snowboarding pants.’
    • ‘She'd taken to wearing a low-slung leather skirt with a single flap at the front and a pair at the rear, her pouch obvious above it.’
    • ‘Repeatedly, they unconsciously checked that the writing on their knickers was clearly visible above the low-slung waistlines of their denim skirts.’
    • ‘The erotically low-slung pants were crunched over tough black boots.’
    • ‘From the two-tone, low-slung pants to the white tuxedo shirt with black lace columns down the front (which wasn't the least bit feminine, mark you), she hit all the right notes.’
    • ‘The skirt of the moment is low-slung, knee-length, and fashioned from a hacked-off pair of old jeans.’
    • ‘I like good bottom coverage, low-slung at the hips.’
    • ‘Now, on a filthy rich supermodel the low-slung jean probably looks quite good.’