Meaning of low-status in English:



  • Ranking low in a social or professional hierarchy.

    ‘low-paid, low-status jobs’
    • ‘low-status peasants’
    • ‘Marxist feminists note how women in the contemporary labor market are mostly in low paid, low-status jobs.’
    • ‘The average guy with a low-status job is only modestly more dateable in women's eyes than the average guy with no job at all.’
    • ‘My on-stage character is this low-status, slightly vulnerable idiot.’
    • ‘You don't need to thank the umpires or ballboys; they're too low-status to bother with.’
    • ‘Reily's informants were unskilled labourers, employed in low-status, poorly paid, menial jobs.’
    • ‘In the mid-twentieth century journalism evolved from a low-status trade to a higher-status profession.’
    • ‘The expansion of higher education would turn vocational apprenticeships into a low-status dumping ground for less able youngsters.’
    • ‘Because buying good grapes and experimenting with different blends doesn't pay off, low-status wineries cut back on spending.’
    • ‘Family duty and the sheer necessity of self-support obliged most to endure low-status drudge work.’
    • ‘It is hard, back-breaking, low-status work.’
    • ‘In post-Reformation Europe the role of nurse, with its close association with the dead and the dying, was generally regarded as a low-status occupation.’
    • ‘Extraordinary transformations were taking place in Britain between the ninth century and the eleventh, which were changing the lives of both lords and their low-status dependants.’
    • ‘Salted meats and fish were considered low-status ingredients, appropriate for labourers but not for nobles, and certainly not worthy enough to be treated with spices.’
    • ‘Paradoxically, young women's low-status work as servants took them out of working-class residential areas.’
    • ‘They are low-status, powerless groups whom the dominant majority see as problematic or distasteful.’
    • ‘The dominance behavior occurs when a low-status gorilla wanders into a higher-status gorilla's personal space, and it consists of an escalating series of aggressive displays until the low-status gorilla is scared off.’
    • ‘Many parents do not want their eligible students in a program that places them in a low-status job, which they view as a stigma.’
    • ‘While second-generation girls found a somewhat broader range of occupations as early as 1880, immigrant women made their contribution by toiling in low-status, arduous work.’
    • ‘Very broadly speaking, in most armies the low-status pioneers, sometimes not even regarded as soldiers, did the work and the engineers got the credit.’
    • ‘Women are still more often found in low-status, low-paid jobs with little opportunity for career development and can find it harder to get promotion than men.’
    unskilled, lowly, humble, low-grade, low-status, routine, humdrum, boring, dull