Meaning of Low Church in English:

Low Church

Pronunciation /ˌləʊ ˈtʃəːtʃ/

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treated as singular or plural
  • A tradition within the Anglican Church (and some other denominations) that is Protestant in outlook and gives relatively little emphasis to ritual, sacraments, and the authority of the clergy.

    ‘He became Low Church in order to marry his rich wife who, now dead, has left him with one daughter, Dorothy.’
    • ‘They want to continue their Low Church practices in peace.’
    • ‘Ryle, for example, pointedly contrasts High and Low Church approaches to religion.’
    • ‘The 65% figure given above is based on the totally arbitrary assumption that half the Anglicans are High Church, near Catholics, and half are Low Church, near Protestants.’


  • Denoting, relating to, or characteristic of the Low Church.