Meaning of low gear in English:

low gear

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  • A gear that causes a wheeled vehicle to move slowly, due to a low ratio between the speed of the wheels and that of the mechanism driving them.

    ‘I could hear a heavy lorry in low gear’
    • ‘congestion forces motorists to travel more frequently in low gears’
    • ‘Mountain bikes may offer an extremely low gear to facilitate climbing slowly on steep hills.’
    • ‘Avoid running the car on high speed with low gears, as this will obviously bring the mileage down.’
    • ‘Nervous drivers are more likely to make mistakes such as leaving an indicator on, driving at excessively low or fast speeds, staying in low gears and driving too close to the car in front.’
    • ‘Restrict yourself to low gears - 39x17 or 39x19.’
    • ‘I now live in the mountains and could use the extra low gears.’
    • ‘The engine whined, revving through low gears as the bus lurched forward.’
    • ‘To brake on ice or snow without locking the wheels, get into a low gear earlier than usual, let the speed drop and brake very gently.’
    • ‘On approach, stay in a low gear and build up some speed, but be ready to accelerate harder once you are on the slope.’
    • ‘A sharp turn on the approach would mean that heavy goods vehicles would be in a low gear at the start of the ascent.’
    • ‘The dry roads part is relevant, for it is all too easy to break traction if you are too brutal with the accelerator pedal in the low gears on slippery surfaces.’
    • ‘The throttles were twisted to the stops, and everyone stayed in the low gear to make as much noise as possible.’
    • ‘Instead, start in a very low gear and arrive at the top in a reasonable state, even if after many more revolutions of the legs.’
    • ‘This would occur because the car, when it spins, will not be up to speed and will bite in on the gear change even though the tires are spinning in low gear.’
    • ‘Taylor shifted into low gear and went into six wheel drive.’
    • ‘After dark, tank crews on foot led their tanks forward in low gear to our new defensive positions.’
    • ‘Now, more vehicles mean lesser space therefore more jams, higher fuel consumption and more pollution as congestion forces people to travel in low gear.’
    • ‘After almost two hours waiting in their trucks, drivers finally put them into low gear to make the long pull into the mountains out of coastal Rijeka.’
    • ‘Grinding forward in low gear, the four-wheel-drive truck bucks and sways along the dirt track.’
    • ‘They're also much quieter, though they still have that familiar rattle in low gear, the sound made by the London black cab.’
    • ‘I sigh, take a few deep breaths, put myself in low gear for the climb, and trudge ahead.’