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  • A lorry with a low floor and no sides, for transporting heavy loads.

    ‘When his weightbelt was forged for him in the Bessemer blast furnace at Cargo Fleet, it was transported as an abnormal load down the A1 on a low-loader with a Scammell tractor at either end.’
    • ‘‘The driver of the low-loader lorry carrying the liquid nitrogen forgot how high it was,’ a Network Rail spokesman said.’
    • ‘A man was in a critical condition in hospital yesterday after being crushed between two gritting lorries as he loaded one on to a low-loader.’
    • ‘The vehicle - understood to be a converted motorbike - was removed from the scene on a low-loader by police traffic officers for a safety examination.’
    • ‘A tyre on the vehicle, which was pulling a low-loader carrying a car, blew out and he lost control in the treacherous conditions.’
    • ‘The jet had first to be broken into three sections by a team at the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Somerset, then transported to Manchester on two low-loaders at night to avoid causing traffic chaos on the journey.’
    • ‘Police were called to deal with the marooned low-loader on Friday morning after it became jammed on the crest of the bridge over the Kennet and Avon canal at Staverton.’
    • ‘An army spokesman said: ‘The accident happened as army vehicles were being off-loaded from low-loaders in readiness for deployment to Iraq.’’
    • ‘The engines can be driven on roads and taken to a point where they can be transferred on to low-loaders by troops and taken to where they need to be for training and then use.’
    • ‘The two carriages, each the size of a single-deck bus and weighing 13 tons unladen, arrived in Aviemore borne aloft on a matching pair of stately low-loaders after a journey of some 1,200 miles.’
    • ‘A low-loader yesterday negotiated narrow lanes to carry the 11-tonne prefabricated bridge to Hawnby, near Helmsley, where a mobile crane was waiting to lift the two sections into place.’
    • ‘The BMW was about to be placed on a low-loader and the officers were in the process of arresting the suspect.’
    • ‘We finish with a dive at the Akrotiri Fish Reserve, close to the wrecks of a low-loader and helicopter.’
    • ‘The device itself will be arriving in Wroughton on the back of a low-loader.’
    • ‘When cars have been found they have been lifted on to a low-loader and taken away to a secure storage area.’
    • ‘He died when the car he was travelling in crashed into a stationary yellow low-loader parked in a lay-by on the westbound carriageway of the stretch.’
    • ‘Fascinated residents watched as the 10-axle low-loader carrying the 125 tonne transformer reversed slowly along the narrow lane only to have its stately progress blocked by a sycamore tree.’