Meaning of low technology in English:

low technology

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mass noun
  • Less advanced or relatively unsophisticated technological development or equipment.

    ‘a spiral of declining markets, low technology, and uncompetitiveness’
    • ‘low technology markets’
    • ‘However, closer examination reveals the missiles had several of the other wonder weapons' problems: relatively low technology, little systems integration, and minimal reliability.’
    • ‘Proper management of diarrhoeal diseases with relatively simple, low technology measures can reduce case fatality to less than 1%, even in cholera epidemics.’
    • ‘They have told Third World countries to produce ‘cash crops’ and low technology manufactured goods as a way of entering the world market.’
    • ‘Our proposal was, you take these areas of Eurasia, build up the fountains of technological progress, for a long-term transmission of capital, technologically necessary capital, into areas which have low technology potential.’
    • ‘This approach would be locally based, low technology, labour intensive and would involve local communities.’
    • ‘A war depending on low technology and high numbers of combatants and casualties is precisely the opposite of what the modern American Army is trained to do.’
    • ‘Manufacturing is the region is considered low technology and under-performing.’
    • ‘As traditional Chinese medicine is largely an outpatient, low technology specialty, most of the income of traditional hospitals comes from the sale of traditional medicines.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, she added that ‘lack of diversification, value addition and low technology have also constrained the growth of this industry.’’
    • ‘Bringing researchers and practitioners under the same ‘virtual roof’ in an accessible, low technology email forum can help bridge the gap between research and practice’
    • ‘Even so, the diversity and composition of the faunal assemblage at Dust Cave suggests employment of a broad-spectrum, low technology collecting strategy.’
    • ‘Candles were the ultimate luxury and most of the Anglo-American population still used various low technology oil lamps that had banished night for millennia.’
    • ‘Further, the domestic dairy industry in China was in a nascent stage dominated by small scale units with low technology and production level.’
    • ‘At the Bach Christian Hospital surgery is performed with good outcomes by using limited resources and low technology.’
    • ‘They don't tell you that it is made in Malaysia or some other low technology hub.’
    • ‘Many of the acquisition programs undertaken by the Air Force fail to consider the low technology or already existing technology approach, often at a large pricetag for a limited capability.’
    • ‘It's a low technology approach to conditioning, which can be implemented in the community at a minimal cost.’
    • ‘These are sometimes used instead of the conventional style of blade for mass production or for those countries with a low technology base.’
    • ‘What is generalisable is the patient population, the pressures on general medical beds, and the low technology setting on a separate ward.’
    • ‘The radio was of such a low technology that it looked like it came from the early twentieth century, probably around wartime.’