Meaning of low tide in English:

low tide


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  • The state of the tide when at its lowest level.

    ‘islets visible at low tide’
    • ‘This means a body of water with semi-diurnal tides, like the Atlantic Ocean, will have two high tides and two low tides in one day.’
    • ‘As the moon orbits the spinning earth, there is a cycle of two high tides and two low tides about every 25 hours.’
    • ‘We get very high tides and very low tides every month and the seasons here never get over ninety degrees.’
    • ‘At low tide the river level can be 15 feet or more lower than at high tide.’
    • ‘Every 12 hours the water level oscillates between high tide and low tide, but the pattern of tidal waves is surprisingly complex.’
    • ‘The multi-million pound project would keep high-water river levels, even at low tide.’
    • ‘At low tide spelunk through caves and touch the base of giant rocks reaching up from the ocean floor; at high tide kayak around miniature islands.’
    • ‘Trekking at the Carrowholly Centre was the main activity featured and the scenes of riders trekking through the water between high tide and low tide was breath-taking.’
    • ‘If I asked you what makes the tides, I might expect you to tell me the moon, but could you explain why there are 2 high tides and 2 low tides a day even though the moon only circles once a day?’
    • ‘‘It was like low tide to high tide in a matter of seconds,’ he said.’
    • ‘I've been to mud flats where there's a six-foot difference between high tide and low tide.’
    • ‘Larger fish feeding in the area at high tide or shorebirds feeding at low tide may be significant predators.’
    • ‘It gives the boat ramp its slimy texture at low tide.’
    • ‘And some state-maintained channels are down to only a few feet at low tide.’
    • ‘In reality, vessels there encounter depths as low as six or seven feet at low tide.’
    • ‘As explained earlier, this section is fully tidal and as such alters in depth from low tide to high tide by an average of about 17 ft.’
    • ‘These creatures migrate to the surface at low tide and burrow back down at high tide - a round-trip of less than eight inches.’
    • ‘At high tide it is fully submerged, but at low tide the tip of the ceiling is just dry and can be seen from a boat.’
    • ‘The delay this caused was later blamed for the ship's arrival at low tide in Conwy Bay - a bay which at low tide is mostly sands, with only a narrow navigation channel.’
    • ‘Another example is the Kei River which might not have the same exposed sandbars at low tide but is so shallow that the ferry cannot operate at spring low tide.’