Meaning of lower-grade in English:



  • Of an inferior quality, standard, or level in a hierarchy.

    ‘inexpensive, lower-grade imitation products’
    • ‘staff had been offered lower-grade jobs’
    • ‘Today, gold is being mined in ever-increasing amounts from increasingly lower-grade deposits.’
    • ‘Currently, workers who have been redeployed to lower-grade jobs continue to receive the higher rate of pay.’
    • ‘Now they're compelled to import lower-grade rice at a cheaper price than the local crops, decimating their own paddy production.’
    • ‘The weekend will see lower-grade clubs do battle in the first of the semi-final series.’
    • ‘The raw fish was extremely fresh and gave a sharper focus than other lower-grade sushi will provide.’
    • ‘We had a big expansion of lower-grade universities (polytechnics), which allowed many people to get degrees who would not have had that opportunity in the previous generation.’
    • ‘Discount brands use lower-grade raw materials and in varying degrees.’
    • ‘Each pro rider receives five saddles for the season, and interestingly, many are produced using a lower-grade leather which is said to last longer under the countless of hours the pros spend perched on them.’
    • ‘I'd been given some pain medication to help manage what was now a lower-grade but consistent headache.’
    • ‘These higher quality tracks will cost 99p, while lower-grade, DRM-laden versions will still cost 79p.’