Meaning of lower-level in English:



  • At or of a level that is lower in position or status.

    ‘keep all lower-level windows tightly closed’
    • ‘preparatory talks were held between lower-level officials’
    • ‘In addition to the Fed's outright printing privileges, currency is also created by lower-level banks in the federal reserve system.’
    • ‘Lower-level singers perform at the lowliest venues: record stores, karaoke, bars, seasonal festivals, even post offices.’
    • ‘In 2004 he was working at a lower-level temp job at another company.’
    • ‘For example, each lower-level council can elect one of its members to the higher-level council.’
    • ‘The middle class consists of small business owners, some professionals, civil servants, and lower-level corporate managers.’
    • ‘And plans are even being made to move some of the lower-level ski stations uphill.’
    • ‘The public is admitted to the ground floor and lower-level exhibition spaces set aside for temporary shows.’
    • ‘When running the numbers, they were careful to exclude lower-level computer support specialists.’
    • ‘It is always a good idea to match your level 1 heading to the title of your page and follow through your lower-level headings with similarly titled sections.’
    • ‘"I'm always selling the company on a higher level so that the lower-level sales can happen," he says.’